Choral Direction & Vocal Training

Prof. Hempfling

Also this year our partner AMJ organizes a Choral Direction and Choral Vocal Training from July 28th to August 7th 2010 in Freiburg, South Germany (Black Forest). Tutors will be Prof. Volker Hempfling, Sabine Horstmann, Welfhard Lauber, Michael Reif and Maria Tönnesmann.

This course is open to Church musicians, teachers of music in secondary schools, students specialising in choral direction, amateur choral conductors, and conducting novices. A special invitation is also issued to choral singers who would like to train their voices further with the aid of choral vocal exercises.

Aims: The overriding aim of the course is to pass on realistic techniques, aids and ideas for the con- ducting and vocal training of choirs, and a general methodical approach.

Course language: The course language is German with – if required – English, French, Italian.

Choral directing: As there will be four groups, work on technique and musical shaping will take place at various levels; even conducting novices will be most welcome.

Choral vocal training: We will convey the basics of vocal technique, in order to familiarise participants with the ‘instrument voice’.

Choral singing: Every day the tutorial team will work with the tutti choir, which will also be at the daily disposal of conducting students. Participants may sing in the choir without active participation in any con- ducting group.

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