Culture Programme of the European Union

In the Year 2012 South Africa has been delcared partner country for the “Cooperation projects with third countries” within the Culture Programme of the European Union 2007-2013. Funds of between EUR 50.000 and maximum EUR 200.000 are available, but EU support is limited to maximum 50% of the total eligible cost.

See details here:

Overview: Strand 1.3.5: Cooperation projects with third countries
Description & Conditions: Programme Guide

Currently the explanation is for Mexico as year for which it was possible to apply in 2011.
Until May 2012 it will be possible to apply for cooperation with South Africa (projects will have to start end of 2012 or in 2013).

Below you will find a partner search request from a Greek choir looking for partners in this context:

The choir of the Cultural Association “KORAIS”, Thessaloniki, Greece is looking for associate-choirs from countries of the European Union in order to conduct concerts in South Africa, honored country in Europe in 2012, as part of the Program “Culture 2007-2013” part 1.3.5.
Further info: