Meeting USC Choristers

Noted German Conductor and Composer Meets USC Choristers

Source: Office of External Affairs / University of San Carlos, Phillippines
August 15, 2011

Professor Matthias Merzhaeuser, a distinguished conductor and composer in Germany, visited the USC Choristers at the latter’s office in Downtown Campus on Wednesday, 10 August. In the evening he was guest at the regular rehearsal of the same University choir which he describes as “a very good choir with wonderful and high quality voices”.

USC Choristers with Matthias Merzhauser, ICV

Merzhaeuser is choral music publisher, producer and owner of the ROTAL Musikverlag CD label. He is President of the International Conductors Association (ICA/ICV) and Founder and Chairman of the German Charity Organization Pro Fil Help for children in need. During his weeklong visit at the University of San Carlos he volunteered to teach and coach the USC Choristers and presented some of his compositions as gift for the choir.

The photo shows Prof. Merzhaeuser during the USC Choristers rehearsal.

In a separate meeting held at the Office of External Affairs with Fr. Louie Punzalan SVD and Prof. Roberto del Rosario, USC Choristers Conductor, Prof. Merzhaeuser personally donated to the University choir an all sheet music of the assortment of ROTAL Musikverlag. He also volunteered to help organize and supervise possible choir tours to Germany or other parts of Europe.

Prof. Merzhaeuser has organized benefit concerts in Germany the proceeds of which were donated to build kindergarten and elementary schools for poor children in Manila and Cebu, in cooperation with the SVD.

Fr. Punzalan and Prof. del Rosario meet Prof. Merzhaeuser at the Office of External Affairs.