Rimini Int. Choral Competition 2012

The International Choral Competition “City of Rimini” will take place from 4th to 7th October 2012. This Choirs Contest does not want only to put the Groups in competition but it intends to present to the audience the characteristics and the diversities of every choir and repertoire in the beautiful setting of this ancient Roman city, well-known both for the beauty of his beaches and for the remains of a gorgeous past.

The Rimini International Competition includes five normal and one special Class. The same competing Group may participate in all the five normal Classes, if it wish.
A – Equal Voices Choirs (Male or Female)
B – Mixed Voice
C – Children and Young Choirs (Male, Female and Mixed. Singers maximum age is 20 years old. It is accepted that not more than 10% of the singers may have more than 20 years but anyway no more than 24 years)
D – Folk or Gospel/Spiritual Choirs (Male, Female or Mixed)
E – Sacred Music (Mixed, Equal Voices, Young and Children Choirs with entire repertoire of sacred music)
X – “City of Rimini International Choral Prize” Competition (the winners and runners-up from each of the classes, A, B and C – if their score is higher than 80,01 points – must be prepared to compete in this class).

Number of Singers: Minimum Maximum
Class A 8 unlimited
Class B 8 unlimited
Class C 12 unlimited
Class D 8 unlimited
Class e 8 unlimited


Prizes: 1stPRIZE 2nd PRIZE 3rd PRIZE
Class A Trophy Medal Medal
Class B Trophy Medal Medal
Class C Trophy Medal Medal
Class D 1.000 Medal Medal
Class E 1.000 Medal Medal
Class X 5.000 _ _


The first prize-winners of classes A, B, C will receive a trophy specially hand-crafted for the Competition. The second prize-winner of classes A, B, C, D, E will receive a solid silver hand-made medal. The third prize-winner of classes A, B, C, D, E will receive a solid bronze hand-made medal. The winner of the “Grand Prix” (class X) will receive the medal given by the European Parliament.

Other prizes:

  • Prize “President of the Italian Republic”
    A bronze medal given by the President of the Italian Republic to the best Choir Director of class X.
  • Prize “Emilia Romagna Region”
    Diploma and plate to the chamber choir (with a maximum of 12 singers) better classified in class B.

The Committee reserves the right to add other prizes.

Deadline for enrollments is 31th of July 2011.
More information about the contest, other activities, rules or entry forms can be found on the projects homepage: www.riminichoral.it