The European Choral Association – Europa Cantat with 13 other non-profit organisations from eleven countries decided to come together to undertake a study on the choral life in Europe in the frame of the VOICE project.

The aim of Singing Europe is to gather uptodate and accurate data regarding people singing together in the different countries of Europe. This knowledge will help national and European organisations set up programmes that are more relevant to the reality and needs of the singing community. We hope that it will also provide efficient data to convince decision makers to support the development of singing in our societies.

Only with your help can we reach this goal. If you are member, singer, conductor or manager of a group of people singing together, please answer this quick survey (5 to 20 minutes).

We will not share your contact information or your contribution against your will. Only the anonymous statistical results will be published. The statistical dataset, without any identification data, may be shared with non-profit or public organisations and research centres who work towards the promotion of “singing together”.

If you sing with other people, in a choir, an ensemble, a vocal band, with friends, etc. or are a member of one of these, please answer the short online survey at

Please share this survey with other singing groups!