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EUROPA CANTAT is an international singing festival at which you can join more than 3000 singers and conductors, composers and choral managers from all parts of Europe and beyond. EUROPA CANTAT warmly invites all who enjoy singing, from beginners to advanced singers, both choirs and individuals. At EUROPA CANTAT there is no competing, but purely the pleasure of meeting one another and singing together, learning new repertoire and techniques, and working with leading conductors from all over the world. Also EUROPA CANTAT offers many opportunities to learn – from experts and from your peers, about singing, conducting, composing, organising and much more.

The 19th edition of EUROPA CANTAT in 2015 will take place in Pécs, Hungary, from 24th July to 2nd August.

 EUROPA CANTAT Pécs 2015 offers you the chance to
  • choose from about 55 workshops for choirs and singers, with a duration of 4 to 8 days
  • Or discover a different style and repertoire each day
  • sing and hear all vocal genres: classical, folk, jazz, musical, opera and vocal pop, from many different countries and backgrounds, discover rare jewels of choral music
  • learn a lot and work together with leading choral conductors
  • sing at beginner’s, average or advanced level
  • find new inspiration as a choral conductor or composer by joining the special conductor’s or composer’s program
  • Join our special “training-on-the-job” programme for young managers, the Youth Event Management Programme YEMP
  • take part in the daily ‘Open Singing’ with all participants and visitors
  • join a workshop while your children are entertained
  • discover the unique cultural heritage and folk traditions of Pécs, the Gateway from Central Europe to the Balkans
  • get to know other choirs and singers from many different  countries!




As a singer (individual, with a group of friends or in a choir) you can explore particular compositions, genres
or vocal techniques in one of the wide range of 4,5,6,7 or 8-day long ateliers directed by specialised conductors
from all over the world. Each of the ateliers ends with a public performance.

Discovery Ateliers

If you can only join for one or a few days, or if you have a free day in the festival, the discovery ateliers will be
your solution. They will cover less usual genres and techniques, they will take only one morning and will
have no public performance.

Perform with your choir

Participating choirs can perform in one of the afternoon concerts. Inform us about your wish to perform your
own repertoire already during the online application!

Programme for Conductors and Composers

You might join an atelier as a conductor or composer, but EUROPA CANTAT offers a special programme for you
that runs parallel to the singers’ programme. Together with many colleagues from Europe and beyond, you
can get to grips with hot topics in the choral world of today, attend workshops, lectures and a Study Tour of
the ateliers.

Young Event Management Programme (YEMP)

YEMP will be organised for the third time, offering a unique training-on-the-job programme for young and
talented choral organisers.


You can bring your children. We offer special activities with professional care for children between 0 and 10
years of age.

More information

All further information about the festival can be found on the homepage  →