Kurt Thomas Cursus

From 8 to 16 July 2016 the HKU Utrecht Conservatory (Netherlands) will organise the 50th edition of the Kurt Thomas Cursus for choral conducting. With more than 3,900 students, HKU University of the Arts Utrecht is one of the largest art and culture-oriented institutes in Europe.

What will you learn?

The Kurt Thomas Cursus is an intensive course focusing on:

  • Conducting technique
  • Rehearsal technique
  • Voice training
  • Repertoire from Gregorian chant through classical to light music

The courses are organized in various groups with different levels and 11 teachers:

  • Level A – amateurs
  • Level B – for experienced amateurs / beginning professional musicians
  • Level C – for experienced conductors with an instrumental ensemble
  • Level D – professionals with chamber choir
  • Level D Pop&Jazz – professionals with vocal group
  • Level E – professionals with large choir and orchestra

Groups C, D and E are also open to foreign participants, so the instruction language may include English. Last year saw the introduction of the Gregorian chant group, new in 2016 is the Pop&Jazz group.

Taking part in the Kurt Thomas Cursus requires a very active attitude. It is a particularly intensive course with a great deal of input within just a few days. Participants are expected to prepare the repertoire beforehand. As a participant you will receive a personalised certificate stating that you have successfully completed the Kurt Thomas Cursus of HKU Utrecht Conservatorium.

Costs: depending on group and kind of participation the fees range from 610€ to 850€.

Deadline for applications:  15/4/2016

More information and contact

Homepage HKU
Kurt Thomas Cursus on Facebook
Should you have any questions, please turn to the project leader, Inge Joldersma, via email: ktc.muziek@hku.nl.