Sing outside the box

The “Sing outside the box” conference will be organized by ECA/EC in collaboration with the Estonian Choral Association and is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

“Sing outside the box” is a public conference in Talinn, Estonia, from 6th to 8th October 2017, focusing on “different” ways to perform, to interact with (new and younger) audiences, and cooperation with other art forms. You will discover new ideas, exchange along practical sessions and maybe even sing (outside the box, of course…).

The full schedule with the names of speakers will be published in September. Participation fees vary depending on hotel, country group and package from 55€ up to 350€.

Deadline for registration is the 31 August 2017.


Official invitation (PDF file): Download
Facebook: Event page

To register, please fill in the online form available under:
You will receive a copy of your data, and will have a chance to edit your registration at a later point.