About ICA

Welcome to the “International Conductors Association”

The ICA (ICV) presents itself as national and international forum of interested choir chiefs and choir leaders.
In addition it is like a platform for the promotion of choir music and as a contact point to music publishing houses and choirs.

We are pleased to be allowed to accept choir leaders of all directions of choir music with us as members.

The Association

The ICA was founded in August 1992. It is a national and international forum of interested choir chiefs and choir leaders. Eric Ericsons (Sweden) is our honour member.

It realizes exchanges of experience within all ranges of jobs and initiates and promotes the spreading of international choir literature.

The ICA is a protection of interests for choir chiefs and choir leaders from all ranges of choir music.

Composers have the possibility to present their work in seminars, workshops or reading sessions. Publishing houses of choir music will find competent partners with us. The ICA strives strenghened for international contacts to choirs and choir leaders, which are enabled to all members. As choir music can not be limited nationally, also the members from different countries are to be able to join the ICA.

Many choir leaders work as a kind of „fighters on their own“ and therefore they sometimes miss possibilities of collegial co-operation. Here the ICA might help them. The contact among the members of the ICA is desired and will be supported.

Tasks of the ICA:


  • initiates and supports contemporary choir music through competitions of composition and through festivals of choir music
  • enables regional further education to the topics:
    Vocal training – conductor – literature – jazz, pop etc – choir in motion (choir presentation) and so on…
  • enhances a change within the choir area
  • advises within questions of education and further education
  • promotes the exchange of literature and questions of the methods of choir hours
  • advises within the organisation of choir competitions and singing performances
  • enables the collegial co-operation
  • helps within the use of electronic medias
  • helps and advises first-time employees
  • gives the possibility of references to events
  • informs within the ICA-news on its internet page www.chorleiterverband.de

You can apply for membership in the ICA on this side:

Many greets from the whole team of committee and we are looking forward to a successful cooperation.